Inform the world

Nobody informs the travellers

Not every building allows Airbnb

Let's not go there!

We inform travellers to not go to your building. Airbnb and all the other Vacation Rental platforms, really do not care about the legality of the listings. You tell Airbnb that your buildings does not allow short term rentals, but they do not care. And will not remove an unwarranted listing.  

We inform the travellers.

We are certain that if travelers know that your home does not allow vacation rentals, they will not come.However, someone has to inform the travellers and so we do. Through www.aribaware.com, travellers can stay informed for free, easily and very fast. There is no longer any excuse.

What is Airbaware?

www.airbaware.com is an overview of buildings, that do not allow vacation rentals our any other short term rentals. The buildings are private, they respect their residents privacy, safety is a priority and they take it seriously. BUT, not all residents respect that and post their apartment for rent regardless of the rules. As mentioned, it is an extra served for you at no cost and also free for consumers to use.

Nobody does it, so we have to!

Informing travellers about your home's rental regulations is not a high priority with hosts or rental platforms. But it should be. And since no one else wants the job, we have taken it. www.airbware.com is the only place where consumers for free and with our disclosing their identity can get the most important information. And we are happy to do it