Stop Airbnb guests. Monitoring the internet is key.

We monitor the internet for vacation rental listings on your address.

How does it work

We find Airbnb vacation rental listings from your address

We do not only search Airbnb. We monitor over 25 of the biggest vacation rental web sites.

STR Monitor notifies you immediately

You are notified immediately by email

We send you an

email informing you on the details of new activity.  We update every 24 hours

Monthly Status Reports

You receive at report reflecting the activity in you account.

Easy and fast set-up

It takes very little time to set up your account. You can be monitoring the internet for listings within minutes.

Keep your building safe

It is all a matter of keeping your residents and building safe. 

Time and money

Building Managers and Board members are busy serving the residents. Save time and money and let us do the searching.


About Us

Industry Pioneers

STR Monitor™ is a Miami based company and pioneer in the industry. Vacation rental companies have grown explosively and there is no protection against their invasion of private residential buildings. STR Monitor™ is created from the demand of protection against the billions dollar vacation rental companies that do not care about you or your building's rules and regulations. monitoring the internet

We look after you

Airbnb is a massive business that turns over billions of dollars. Good for them. However, nobody looks after the people who want to live in peace with their families in their homes. We care about your safety and think that you should be allowed to enjoy your home in peace. 

Technologically advanced

At STR Monitor™ we have developed our own algorithm to search and find vacation rentals that are posted on the internet from a specific address. While the technology is advanced, we also believe in human interaction. We are always available by phone or email.

Contact Us

Contact us for a free Status Report

STR Monitor™

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