We monitor the internet for listings from Airbnb and other vacation rental webpages.

Help us help you

Vacation Rental Headaches

If you are disturbed by vacation rentals,  we will be happy to help you find the listings and their origin. We do it fast and it saves you time and money from going over every webportal day in and day out.

Illegal Airbnb listings

You decide who is stays in your building. Airbnb does not.

Who decides what is allowed and not?

You do! It is your home in a residential building or a community, so you decide if you will allow stranger with no back ground check in your elevators and in your pool. You decide if people on vacation should be allowed to disturb your day to day life with your family. It is entirely up to you, your Board of Directors and your Condo Docs. And NOT up to Airbnb or any other business.

Will Airbnb take down a violating listing?

The short answer is: Absolutely NOT. Airbnb's automated answer is that they are merely a marked place and do not get into disputes between hosts and buildings. Very convenient for them and extremely frustrating for you. Unless you hire a lawyer and have the time for endless hours of arguing, there is nothing Airbnb will do to protect you.

You have the power. Use it!

Your building's rules are untouchable. So, since you do not get support from the authorities or from Airbnb, you should enforce your own rules sternly. Make sure that your residents abide and respect that Airbnb is NOT welcome, when it is not.

What can you do?

The hardest and most time consuming part, is staying informed. That's where STR Monitor™ can help. Only if you are informed, you can act. 

Inform and enforce

It is important that nobody can hide behind the good old "oh, I didn't know"-excuse. Inform and display that vacation rentals are not allowed in your building. Then fine the residents that still do not respect the rules.