Can we find the Unit?

STR Monitor™ has ideas of how to get in contact that rents out a unit against the communities rules.

People hide

Most hosts know if it is prohibited to rent our their unit. And yet many, many people choose to violate the rules and jeopardize others safety. Why? Because of the money. 

Who is behind the listings?

The profiles on the listings are often the people actually renting out the unit. But there are false profiles and pictures that are not from the unit. Those people, are hard to find, but it is possible. 

Contacting the host

If you try to contact the host through your Airbnb account, it will most likely be shut down. Airbnb doesn't mind encroaching on your property but find it unreasonable when you ask them to stop. You have to contact Airbnb who will then tell the host that they need to comply with the rules. But Airbnb will not take down the listing or sanction the violating host.

Then what?

Many hosts also have social media profiles and list their units there. They are  on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Finally there is the option of pretending to rent a unit, just to get the unit number out of them. But that is also against Airbnb regulations.